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Team PrISUm is a multidisciplinary, student-run organization at Iowa State University (ISU) which designs, builds, and races solar powered electric vehicles across the United States every few years in the American Solar Challenge. Outreach and education are also important aspects of our project as we work to raise awareness about solar energy and efficient transportation. Don't hesitate to email us if you would like to have our solar car at an event.

This project would not be possible without our current and past sponsors. We encourage you to take a look at our sponsorship page and download a copy of the corporate sponsorship packet or an adopt-a-cell form to find out how you can help us pave the way towards a future in renewable energy!

Team PrISUm takes 3rd place!

This year's Formula Sun Grand Prix turned out to be an amazing race, as we expected, but what we didn't expect were the results:

Oregon State: 1st place - 193 laps

Illinois State: 2nd place - 192 laps

Iowa State: 3rd place - 191 laps

Total time between 1st place and 3rd place - less than 10 minutes. In 3 full days of racing, it really was that close. Principia and Western Michigan were also contenders for the top spot, coming in not far behind Team PrISUm.
We are thankful to all of the teams for their participation. Some teams had significant technical issues and could not compete. Team PrISUm admires their efforts in spite of these setbacks and looks forward to next year.

News Articles

Big Thanks to Our Sponsors

Hey Everyone! After a long cold winter (it's technically spring now...), we're continuing to make good progress on the car. Thanks to generous donations from Remmele Engineering, Quatro Composites, and Delta Airlines, Phaeton's carbon fiber body has been made! We've got a beautiful new frame compliments of Sinned Customs, and the final board board order is on its way thanks to a donation from Advanced Circuits. Also, a big thanks to Doug and Linda Truckenmiller for their generous monetary support. We just wanted everyone to know we're still alive, and that they can check out the team sponsors page for the latest list of our awesome donors.

November 4th General Meeting

November 4th is the team's next general meeting. We will be in Howe 1344 at 7pm, and the meeting will be available via live streaming. Stay tuned for further announcements.

October 21st ASC/FSGP 2014 Announced

ASC/FSGP for 2014 has been announced by the Innovators Educational Foundation:

Next summer's cross-country race will be coming through Ames during the 8 day 1700+ mile race.

October General Meeting - Monday 10-7-13 7pm

October's General Meeting has been scheduled for 7pm, room 171 Durham (first floor auditorium).
Presentations will include reports from Mechanical, Electrical, and Business teams, plus a look ahead at work yet to be done. This is a public event.

September 4th - Naming of Project 12

Team PrISUm, friends, and alum have chosen a name for "P12"...Phaeton.
The team is currently working on body molds and refining designs from P11 Hyperion. Thanks to all team members and supporters, Phaeton is on track to becoming another Team PrISUm success!

Iowa State Wins Additional Honors at FSGP 2013

Cory Anderson won fastest lap for the 3rd year in a row with 4:42 seconds around the 3.4 mile Circuit of the Americas. That's an average speed of over 43mph!
Cory also won fastest egress (emergency escape from a vehicle) with just over 5 seconds to release his safety gear and clear the car. ASC puts strong emphasis on safety, and teams are required to be prepared.
Moriah Morgan won fastest slalom test course in just 8.4 seconds. Moriah is a first-time driver with Team PrISUm.

FSGP 2013 Results

After 3 days of racing, Oregon State took 1st place, with Illinois State and Team PrISUm both within 10 minutes of 1st place. PrISUm took 3rd, coming back from 5th place coming into day 3. Day 3 turned out to be a monumental race day for Team PrISUm by gaining nearly 20 laps on the 1st place team. Please see the official results and additional details from the ASC web site.

Day 3 FSGP 2013

Day 3 is now streaming live: http://youtu.be/jeC1T0e3wQs

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