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About Us

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Since our inception in 1989, Team PrISUm has been the Midwest’s most prestigious solar vehicle team. PrISUm is a student lead organization founded on a heritage of advanced technology, innovative design, and a passion for beating the competition. This elite group of Iowa State University students gain vital skills often not taught in the classroom while constructing record breaking vehicles.

Over the past quarter of a century, PrISUm has developed 12 award winning solar vehicles. These vehicles have traveled across North America, receiving awards as varied as a Mechanical Design award to first place at the Formula Sun Grand Prix. Join us as we embark on an adventure of a lifetime designing, building, and creating the future of transportation.
Our mission is developing effective and practical renewable transportation by challenging and motivating members, spearheading innovation, and inspiring future generations.

Races We Compete In

World Solar Car Challenge American Solar Car Challenge

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Meet the Team Leaders

Zach N.
Project Director

Jacob H.
Assistant Project Director

Rachel H.

David B.
Business Director

Rachel P.
Assistant Business Director

Matthew G.
Mechanical Director

Jeremy R.
Assistant Mechanical Director

Joe T.
Electrical Director

Garrett L.
Assistant Electrical Director


New Sundial (9/21/2015)

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We Did It! (9/18/2015)

After 25 years of racing, Team PrISUm has taken home the gold. At the 2015 Formula Sun Grand Prix, Phaeton, the team’s 12th solar car, dominated the competition with a commanding lead of 106 miles. With this 1st place victory, members have taken notes on what works and are currently striving to develop a leaner, faster, and more robust vehicle.