Team PrISUm would like to express our gratitude to all of our team sponsors large and small. The total value of our project is over $300,000 in cash, service, and material donations. It is only through these generous donations that we can continue. Our student members have described PrISUm as one of their most valuable college experiences and the community takes pride in our dedication to renewable energy and sustainable engineering at Iowa State University.

Thank You





Mr. John Mulcahy
Linda K. Jayne Trust
Andrew Kleine & WEML
Hansen's Towing
George White Chevrolet


Mr. Marshall England
Wade Johanns and Erin Kelly
Evan and Julie Hupp
Evan Stumpges
Joe and LuAnn Meyers
Jane and Donald Brownlee


Mr. David and Ms. Cathy Carlyle
Mr. John Dunn
Mrs. Julia McGuire
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Ann Wilson
Mr. Gary Coleman
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Susan Maass
Mr. Eric Wilson and Mrs. Ann Wilson
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Ann Raffety
Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Esther Haase
Mrs. Lisa Folken
Ms. Elizabeth Hunter
Mr. Colin Burnett
Mr. Larry Rollstin
Dwelle Family Foundation
Eric Weflen
Dale Reid
Tonya and Jarold Burke
Jacob Huber



Coleman Family 1.00
Doug and Sue Maass 1.00
Larry and Judy Rollstin 1.00
Olson Aluminum Casting 1.00
Andrew Micheal Thomas 1.00


Dan Bell 1.00
Pat Noel 2.00
Bryan Arnold 1.00
Terry and Rick Gulstad 1.00
Gary and Connie Kent 1.00
Doug and Murriel Gifford 1.00
Keith Felderman 1.00


Dee Dreeszen 2.00
Nicol and David Christianson 1.00
Esthar and Jown Dona 1.00
P. N. Exstrom 1.00